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Lawn care and pest control can be a confusing and complicated subject - but it doesn’t have to be.  If you don’t see the answer to the question you have, please contact us!



Why are there brown patches or bare spots in my lawn?

Several things can cause brown or bare spots. Early spring spotting could also be caused by fungus or excessive fertilization in the previous season.   If the spots are under trees, show up in summer and during times of drought, it could mean that trees have sucked all the moisture and nutrients out of the area. Female dog urine can even spot a yard.

What is a pre-emergent?

Pre-emergent is applied to the lawn to stop the germination of weed seeds and kill weed seedlings. It’s effective for around 90 days, but be careful - too much pre-emergent can damage your grass. Pre-emergent makes no differentiation between wanted seeds (flowers or grass seed) and weed seeds.  
If you’d like us to seed your lawn, please notify us before you use a pre-emergent!

How much watering do I need to do?

First, the short answer… your rate of watering should be coordinated with your rate of fertilization. Our fertilization program is designed to compliment a once a week watering for a duration of one hour over the total area of turf. More frequent watering will leach the fertilizer’s nutrients from the soil before the grass can absorb it. In other words, increasing the frequency of watering can stress your lawn.

What is aeration?

Lawn aeration allows oxygen, water and nutrients to better penetrate into the root zone. It helps relieve compaction and provides an ideal seed bed for overseeding. It also helps reduce thatch build-up.

When should I aerate?

Aeration is most effective when done every Fall, (but is also beneficial in the Spring) especially when done in conjunction with overseeding and fertilizing. Aeration services are available as a stand-alone service or as part of our Elite or Platinum treatment packages. 

What makes your services different from the competitor?

The aerating machines Caldwell Lawn Care uses are "core aerators" that pull out plugs of soil 2"-3".
Don't let anyone use a spike aerator on your lawn! Forcing a spike into the soil actually compacts the soil even further and is counterproductive. 

What is overseeding?

Lawns in Missouri take a beating from the varied weather conditions they experience year after year. Even a well-maintained lawn will lose some grass during the hottest months of the summer. Annual overseeding will replenish your lawn and keep it full and thick year after year. This should always be done in combination with lawn aeration so the new seed has ideal conditions for taking root. Overseeding is available either combined with an aeration service or as part of our Elite or Platinum treatment packages.  

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