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We provide dependable mowing services at more than 100 residential and commercial properties throughout Jefferson County. During the mowing season, turf will be mowed weekly or bi-weekly, depending on each customer's needs and requests. No mowing job is complete without trimming and blowing off all walkways, parking lots and driveways.

Lawn Treatments

Like any other living thing, grass needs food for nutrition. Ever wonder what those three numbers on the bags of fertilizer really mean? They represent the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contained in each type of fertilizer. Our technicians carefully choose the most appropriate fertilizer formulas for your lawn throughout the growing season. We offer several lawn treatment packages to meet our customers' needs, and will also design a customized treatment plan for lawns with unique and specific needs.


Lawn aeration is the process of breaking up the surface of the lawn to allow oxygen, water and nutrients to better penetrate into the root zone. Aeration helps relieve compaction caused by heavy foot traffic and provides an ideal seed bed for over-seeding. It also helps reduce thatch build-up.
Aeration is most effective when done every Fall, (but is also beneficial in the Spring) especially when done in conjunction with over-seeding and fertilizing. Aeration services are available as a stand-alone service or as part of the Elite or Platinum treatment packages.


Lawns in Missouri take a beating from the varied weather conditions they experience year after year. Even a well-maintained lawn can lose some grass during the hottest months of the summer. Annual over-seeding will replenish your lawn and keep it healthy year after year. This should always be done in combination with lawn aeration so the new seed has ideal conditions for taking root. Over-seeding is available either combined with an aeration service or as part of the Elite or Platinum treatment packages.

Mole Baiting

Many people have asked for a solution to their mole problems, so we've added this service to accommodate our customers' needs. For added protection, we also recommend an application of grub control in late June when larvae are hatching.

Snow Removal

When it snows, we're ready! We provide reliable snow removal services throughout the county. We offer plowing, hand-shoveling, salt and/or ice melt. We welcome residential and commercial customers. Request your free estimate before the snow starts to fall! 

Property Maintenance

We provide a variety of maintenance services such as debris removal and outdoor lighting maintenance so you can stay focused on running your business. 

Leaf Removal

We also offer leaf removal services during the fall and winter months. 

Fall aeration and overseeding is a crucial step to acquiring or maintaining a thick, luscious lawn!

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